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Taps-Online acquired by

We have now acquired the website and brought all the products into one brand new amazing, central location – the website. By collating all products into a single website, we can offer customers the very best collection of products along with the lowest prices and special monthly offers.

14 Weird Ways To Serve Food – From Real Restaurants

The plate – a simple invention that needs no introduction, and certainly doesn’t need any further innovation. After all, what else would you possibly want to put your food on? We’ve collected 14 of the craziest examples and measured their absurdity, impracticality and overall safety whilst giving the restaurant’s name and location, so you can decide which of these mental presentations of food would be the best meal out for you and your friends to try out.

New Abode ProDuo and ProUno kitchen hot taps launched

New Abode ProDuo and ProUno kitchen hot taps launched. Both new models, the ProUno and the ProDuo are stand-alone models designed to sit alongside your existing kitchen tap and provide instant near-boiling hot water or in the case of the ProDuo – Instant near boiling hot water as well as filtered cold water.

What is the difference between chrome and brushed nickel finishes?

Many manufacturers of kitchen taps provide models or designs in a choice of chrome or brushed nickel. So just what is the difference between a chrome tap and a brushed nickel tap?

An easier way to install a ceramic undermount kitchen sink.

An easy way to fit an undermount kitchen sink, without having to drill or plug a solid surface worktop. Particularly useful for ceramic or granite sinks, there is no reason why you cannot use the same installation method for a stainless steel sink.

Understanding a Low Pressure System and Finding a Suitable Kitchen Tap

You need to find out if you have a low pressure system, because either the kitchen tap you have doesn’t deliver enough hot water or you are considering replacing your existing kitchen tap and you have seen lots of information about high pressure, minimum pressure and don’t fully understand what you need!

Water Draining Away From My Sink…

You fill your sink up with water and it slowly drains away. There is nothing leaking underneath the sink and, therefore, you think the seal on the back of the plug is not working. You may have even spoken to the plumber or fitter – they have advised you it has been fitted correctly and you need to get some new plugs.

Offering an exceptional level of technical assistance…

With technical knowledge of kitchen sinks and taps for almost 30 years, we think we have come across almost every possible issue, problem and question there is. So much so that we have a dedicated team of experienced technical advisors on hand to offer customer help and assistance.

New Additions from Abode

A fantastic range of new traditional finish kitchen taps from Abode. Special finishes include Forged Brass and century Copper.

Kitchen Taps - One Tap Hole

The majority of kitchen sinks are manufactured with a single tap hole. We look at some of the most popular models and options available, including the recent addition of Brass, Bronze and Rose Gold finishes.
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