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Oven and Hob Packs

At the heart of every kitchen is the oven and hob. The ever growing range of oven and hob packs we have available will suit even the most demanding of customer requirements.

Pronteau Profile and Project instant hot water taps now in matt black finish

The introduction of the Pronteau Profile and the Pronteau Project in black completes an already comprehensive range of instant hot water taps. The current trend for stylish black products in the kitchen is now complete and, by adding an Abode hot tap to your design, you can be sure to be using the very latest design trends to the max!

Official Discount Codes, Promo Codes and Vouchers

Only official voucher codes for the website can be found here. Many sites claim to have our codes and may copy them but we don't use these sites, only official sinks-taps codes from this page will work.

Kitchen sink chopping boards - useful or useless?

A dedicated chopping board, made for use with a specific kitchen sink, has been designed to fit either directly onto the sink bowl, the drainer or sit over the top of the sink and slide from side to side. The two most popular materials used to produce chopping boards being wood or glass, each has its good and bad points. Wooden chopping boards give a more rustic, traditional feel and go well with ceramic kitchen sinks. Glass chopping boards, on the other hand, fit better with a more modern or contemporary style kitchen sink. So I suppose the first thing to consider is which will look better in your kitchen?

The benefits of an Instant Hot Water Kitchen Tap (Boiling Water Tap / Kettle Tap)

The days of the humble kettle may well be numbered! Consumers looking for a more advanced, reliable and convenient way to obtain water in a single, instant way is now possible thanks to steaming hot water taps. Many manufacturers who may have previously produced standard taps or filtered water taps, have now added to the range and offer a steaming hot water tap or 100° boiling water tap.

New product - The Caple Zona 100 kitchen sink

We now stock the versatile Caple Zona 100 kitchen sink which includes a colander, a cup stand and a bottle holder. Perfect for a kitchens with limited space.

99 Children’s Cereals Ranked by Sugar Content

We decided to look into the sugar levels in kid’s cereals to help you make the healthiest choices for your child’s morning meal. With the recent news that Kellogg’s have recently cut sugar in Coco Pops, we had high hopes. Our research, unfortunately, was very concerning…

Copper Kitchen tap from George Clarke's Old House New Home

The single lever kitchen tap shown on the Channel 4 program on Thursday 26th July was the 1810 Company Cascata Purquartz & Copper Kitchen Tap. The compact property in Stratford upon Avon was transformed by George Clarke and his team.

Taps-Online acquired by

We have now acquired the website and brought all the products into one brand new amazing, central location – the website. By collating all products into a single website, we can offer customers the very best collection of products along with the lowest prices and special monthly offers.

14 Weird Ways To Serve Food – From Real Restaurants

The plate – a simple invention that needs no introduction, and certainly doesn’t need any further innovation. After all, what else would you possibly want to put your food on? We’ve collected 14 of the craziest examples and measured their absurdity, impracticality and overall safety whilst giving the restaurant’s name and location, so you can decide which of these mental presentations of food would be the best meal out for you and your friends to try out.
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