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There is definitely something luxurious, elegant and stylish about freestanding baths, but can everyone indulge themselves in such opulence? They certainly introduce a feeling of luxury into your home and let's face it, with the last few years, we all deserve to be pampered in a peaceful, Home-Spa type sanctuary.

When you look at the different models and designs available on the UK market you will see that they are generally all based on the same principle, which is no surprise as they are all freestanding baths!  Just how different can they be? Well the answer, surprisingly, is very different!

Finding the freestanding bath that perfectly fits your requirements can be fairly straight forward.  One of the main, initial concerns is finding a model that will fit the space you have. Ideally the bath will be a feature in your room and so squeezing an oversized model into the corner without any space around it, might just defeat the object of the exercise. After all, you dont want to spend all that money on such a focal point in your bathroom only for it to look out of place and not in proportion. Now it's no surprise that most UK bathrooms are fairly small but that doesnt stop you having a freestanding bath.  However, what it does mean is you should carefully select the size that works best in the space you have.  Unlike traditional fitted type baths which normally average 1700mm in length, you can find a freestanding bath from just 1500mm.  Being shorter isn't too much of an issue when you look at the depth of the bath and also the bathing experience of a freestanding bath tends to be more of an upright seating position.

So our first recommendation is to undertake a simple investigation of the exact size of the area where the bath is to be situated.  What sort of space do you have and is there a model that you like the look of that is also available in the size you need. Once you have confirmed you have the space, it's time to consider all the different specifications, designs and materials available.....

Before deciding on the exact model, consider a few of the more practical requirements! 

ACCESS - Do you have plenty of space to get the bath into your house and most likely up the stairs? Going for a large 1800 x 800 freestanding bath that has to navigate up 5 flights of stairs to an apartment and then negotiate a winding staircase is probably not going to work.  Carefully assess the access to your bathroom from outside, it's worth spending a little time to ensure the access is sufficient.  Making a mistake at this point could end up with you having an expensive freestanding bath that cannot be returned to the retailer.

ADEQUATE FLOOR STRENGTH - This issue will generally only be of consideration if you are purchasing a freestanding bath made from Cast Iron or Natural Stone / Cast?  It's more than likely that if you are choosing one of the heavier options, your floor will need to be reinforced.  It's not only the weight of the bath to consider - imagine the increase in weight when it's full of water and you then jump in yourself!  We have all seen the hilarious sketches on TV when something falls through the 1st floor and lands in the living room but in reality, it's no laughing matter.  An inadequate floor poses a real risk and could be incredibly dangerous.   

Which material should your freestanding bath be made from? What materials are available to consider?

ACRYLIC - Probably the most popular material on the market today thanks to the variation in design, the reduced weight and the lower price point.  It's an obvious advantage that an acrylic freestanding bath is much lighter and therefore offers a safer option when considering which model is the best one for you. Physically getting the bath into property without causing damage to yourself or your property is also a distinct advantage worth serious consideration. Acrylic freestanding baths come in all sorts of shapes and sizes too. This can be a definite advantage when trying to find the perfect one.

CAST IRON - Durable, Heavy and most likely, one of the most expensive! Cast Iron baths are generally produced using old fashioned/traditional methods which goes some way in explaining the price difference to acrylic. They are generally made from Molten Iron with a surface coat of protective porcelain enamel which is not only super strong but also helps to retain the temperature of the water - ideal for those long relaxing soaks!

STAINLESS STEEL - The fairly new 'kid on the block' gives a modern, contemporary feel to your bathroom.  A unique fusion of both tradition and modern in one freestanding bath! Clean, sharp edges and styling that looks at home in the most modern of settings.  Maybe the only real downside of stainless steel as a material is the cold to touch surface!  However, with a little bit of time, the surface will warm to the touch.  Maybe not as well insulated as an Acrylic freestanding bath or cast iron, so you may need to stay in for a little longer and top up the hot water as you go!  Not too much of a bad thing!

COPPER - On the scale of 'wow-factor' we are not sure whether it's possible to beat the copper freestanding bath - it's a piece of art, a sculptured product of wonderful proportions and detail, a timeless piece of classic construction! Sure it takes some cleaning but the efforts are worth it. Fancy taking your visitors into your bathroom to show them your bath - it’s entirely possible and probably something which copper bath owners do regularly!  Initially cool to the touch, copper will warm up as you fill with hot water.

STONE - Descriptions include Natural Stone, Cast Stone, Resin Stone and maybe even a few more!  Usually most of these types of freestanding baths are made from a mixture of granite or marble and sealed to ensure they are water-tight.  A classic, more rustic appearance which would look at home in an environment where you are looking for that more organic style and feel. The variation in Stone freestanding baths means you would need to have a lengthy conversation with your provider to ensure the material is right for you.  It also goes without saying that a stone bath will be considerable in weight and this must be factored into your decision making process.

Which style of freestanding bath is the one for you?

CLASSIC - A timeless look that never goes out of fashion!  Classic freestanding baths with claw feet design have to be the most popular choice - A typical and popular model being the Richmond Double Ended Bath. If you are looking to go that little bit further, you could experiment with a classic bath with a contrasting external colour as we have in the Richmond Double Ended Bath in Black. If you are short of space or want the end of the bath to fit closer to the wall, perhaps the Classic Clevedon Single Ended Bath is the one for you.

CONTEMPORARY - Looking for a design with a more modern look then a contemporary freestanding bath is just the product for you.  Cleaner lines, minimalist styling and a cleaner look ensure the bath fits in with the contemporary design in the rest of your bathroom. In many cases the bath will go straight down to the floor with no gaps underneath and no claw feet!  Not a bad design if you are fussy about cleaning and hate the thought of getting under the bath to clean!  On many contemporary baths like the Savoy model, incorporate a built-in waste system and a wraparound base. Sleek sides and minimal design means this bath type could be the one for you.

ULTRA MODERN - Go all out to create a freestanding bath with the ultimate in style and design.  Often a unique shape, the ultra-modern freestanding bath can easily create the bathroom of your dreams.  Options like the Bexley freestanding bath provide the wow-factor with ease. Often double ended and a large capacity around 170 litres, this type of bath is certainly not style over function.  The design works and so does the practicality of the bath itself.  A genuinely safe buy that must help you feel a million dollars are you lie back, relaxing away the stresses of the day!

We hope this simple guide has provided you with some valuable information on our ever growing range of freestanding baths.  We recommend if you have any further questions, simply call one of our expert team members on 01759 307262. They are a friendly bunch, full of knowledge and always willing to assist.

If you are looking for a range of exciting bath taps to go with your new bath, we have them too - simply browse through our extensive range of  floor mounted bath taps, standard bath/shower mixer taps or maybe even a wall mounted bath tap.

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