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Kitchen sink chopping boards - useful or useless?

A dedicated chopping board, made for use with a specific kitchen sink, has been designed to fit either directly onto the sink bowl, the drainer or sit over the top of the sink and slide from side to side. The two most popular materials used to produce chopping boards being wood or glass, each has its good and bad points. Wooden chopping boards give a more rustic, traditional feel and go well with ceramic kitchen sinks. Glass chopping boards, on the other hand, fit better with a more modern or contemporary style kitchen sink. So I suppose the first thing to consider is which will look better in your kitchen?

The benefits of an Instant Hot Water Kitchen Tap (Boiling Water Tap / Kettle Tap)

The days of the humble kettle may well be numbered! Consumers looking for a more advanced, reliable and convenient way to obtain water in a single, instant way is now possible thanks to steaming hot water taps. Many manufacturers who may have previously produced standard taps or filtered water taps, have now added to the range and offer a steaming hot water tap or 100° boiling water tap.

Kitchen Taps - One Tap Hole

The majority of kitchen sinks are manufactured with a single tap hole. We look at some of the most popular models and options available, including the recent addition of Brass, Bronze and Rose Gold finishes.

New Abode Pronteau 3 in 1 Hot Water Kitchen Taps

The Amazing new addition to the Abode kitchen tap range is the Pronteau 3 in 1 Steaming hot water kitchen taps

New Abode Pronteau 4 in 1 instant hot water filter taps.

We are pleased to announce the introduction of the excellent Abode Pronteau ​r​ange of 4 in 1 instant hot water filter taps.

What are the benefits of a corner sink?

Corner sinks come into their own where a kitchen is unusually shaped or space is at a premium.

For the ultimate minimalistic look...the flush mounted sink!

Flush mounted sinks are the latest innovative trend in kitchen design.

All about undermount sinks

Offering a seamless contemporary look which is both stylish and functional, the undermount kitchen sink is both practical and hygienic.

What is an inset sink?

Also known as overmount sinks, inset sinks are the most popular type of kitchen sink and are the most straightforward to install.

Why choose a Belfast or Butler sink?

Belfast sinks often create more of a focal point in a kitchen than many other sinks.
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