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Instant Hot Water Kitchen Taps (Boiling Water Tap)

There are basically three different types of instant hot water taps available - a single tap that provides either just boiling hot water or cold and boiling water, then you have the 3 in 1 models which provide normal hot and cold water and the addition of boiling or near boiling water, and finally the latest development in kitchen hot taps is the introduction of the 4 in 1 models. These taps offer (as the name suggests) four supplies from one single tap - normal cold water, normal hot water, boiling or near boiling water and finally filtered cold drinking water.

Although the initial cost of a boiling hot water tap can be considerable when comparing to the humble kettle, its worth noting that some manufacturers' tests on the efficiency of the steaming hot water tap, shows they can be up to 40% more efficient.

Whilst the majority of installations will be in consumer's homes, the benefits are there to see.  We have a wide range of styles and colours available from a range of manufacturers such as Abode, Caple, Perrin and Rowe, Gessi, Franke and In-Sink-Erator.  Each manufacturer has various features and benefits and the product pages detail all the available information for you to make the decision on which model is best for you.

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