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Price Match

When you buy from you are guaranteed to be receiving excellent quality products as well as superb value for money. The Marketing team at sinks-taps have, over the last 15 years , made sure we consistently offer our range of products at the most competitive prices possible.

As a guarantee to our commitment of value, we offer a price match guarantee on a range of our most popular brands. These include Abode Kitchen sinks, Abode Kitchen taps, Abode Bathroom taps, showers and bathroom accessories, Aquabro Bathroom taps, Aquabro Bathroom Furniture and Aquabro Bathroom Shower valves, Bluci kitchen sinks, Bluci Kitchen Taps, Caple Kitchen taps, Caple Kitchen sinks, Caple Waste Disposal units, Reginox Kitchen sinks, Reginox Kitchen taps and UK Waste fittings and kitchen accessories.

It is important when purchasing online to know that you are buying from a reputable retailer that really exists!

Just think, anyone can set up a website that looks really good, when in reality they may be running the website from their bedroom at home! You are passing credit card details and all your personal information that may not be dealt with correctly and could be passed on to other people.

At we are obsessed with making sure your information is safe and any details you provide are kept safe and not passed on to any third parties.

Therefore in the unlikely event of you finding a product cheaper, we will offer to price match but only to a company within our list of genuine sink and tap retailers. These websites should be retailers that have business premises that you can visit, offer a standard rate telephone call number for any aftersales issues (not a premium rate, money making line), hold stock of products, show their company registration details and VAT numbers on the website and have been in business for a reasonable amount of time (3yrs +).

If you need to price match an item, firstly check the complete price of an item delivered to your door.  Some sites will show a low product price and then hit you with a massive delivery charge. Check also the price includes VAT.  Again, some websites purposely take the VAT off the webiste price, just to make it look lower!  Once you are happy everything is correct call our Sales Team on 01759 307 262 or online via Live Chat with the product information, the website and the total price.

We also recommend you look at a companies reviews from genuine customers.  Make sure you also check the reviews on the original review website to check they are all genuine.  It is OK to have some negative reviews, no one can get it right 100% of the time but you shouldnt be reading more negative reviews that positive.  

It is also important to ignore ebay feedback. Why? Well here is a good example.  You buy a really cheap kitchen tap on ebay.  It arrives quickly and looks amazing.  You are so happy it arrived quickly and its gleaming shiny exterior will fit in with your new kitchen, perfectly.  Ebay pushes you to leave feedback so you write a glowing report ' excellent service, fantastic product and amazing value'. You then fit the kitchen tap only to find within a few weeks the chrome has already started to come off, the cold valve will not close and drips, the spout is getting stiffer and stiffer, the whole tap moves when you use it!  Guess what?  You've already left your 5 star feedback and now you cannot take it back!  Beware of any website who push their ebay reviews.  Look at genuine, independent review sites such as and and make your own mind up.

Price Match offer is at the discresion of our Sales Manager and must be agreed before your order has been placed.  We reserve the right to not accept any website that we feel does not meet the required standard.

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