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99 Children’s Cereals Ranked by Sugar Content

As a family-run business, Sinks-Taps knows the importance of having a healthy selection of food in the kitchen. So, we decided to look into the sugar levels in kid’s cereals to help you make the healthiest choices for your child’s morning meal. With the recent news that Kellogg’s have recently cut sugar in Coco Pops, we had high hopes.

Our research, unfortunately, was very concerning…

Despite big name cereal brands pledging to reduce sugar back in 2017, the amount of sugar in your child’s cereals is shocking. We researched 99 of the most popular cereals from big names such as Nestlé and Kellogg’s, as well as supermarket-own equivalents, so you can see which cereals are the least healthy.

Out of the 99 boxes we looked at, 56% of those tested went above 50% of the daily recommended sugar intake for a child. None of the cereals were below 25% of the recommended child’s sugar allowance with lowest being 27%. The sugar amounts we found are based on the very modest recommended serving sizes of 30g with 125ml of semi-skimmed milk (the milk itself contains 6g of sugar). This amounts to only a few spoonful’s for your child’s brekky, realistically we can anticipate sugar consumption to be much higher.

What are the most sugary cereals?

Children's breakfast ceral with the most sugar content


A small 30g bowl of Frosties are 71.25% of a child’s daily allowance of sugar, which most children are likely to go over. With 17.1g of sugar in every bowl, that’s the equivalent of 4.26 teaspoons of sugar, 161ml of Coca Cola (almost half a 330ml can!) or just over 3 fingers of Kit Kat. Giving your child a bowl of Frosties each morning is like giving your child an extra 21 fingers of Kit Kat per week!


Own brand cereals, while cheaper, aren’t necessarily better in terms of sugar. Morrisons Choco Pillows are the second worst of our survey, at 70.13% of a child’s recommended allowance of daily sugar in one bowl. With 4.21 teaspoons of sugar in each small bowl, it is the same as giving your child almost 5 and half Snickers bars every week.



Crunchy Nut cornflakes are also an offender with 68.75% of your child’s daily sugar allowance being used by one small bowl. With the same sugar content as a bowl of Crunchy Nut, you could serve 4.13 teaspoons of sugar or almost 3 Kit Kats for the same sugary hit.



Sainsbury’s own brand Frosted Flakes comes in fourth, using up a hefty 68.7% of your child’s daily allowance, packing a sweet punch of 4.05 tea spoons of sugar per bowl. While cereals that aren’t chocolate filled and nutty seem like they would be less healthy than light flakes, it turns out that 3 Kit Kats worth of sugar is hiding in every small bowl of frosted flakes.



Tesco Choco Snaps come in fifth, with their version of chocolate rice cereal seeming to even outdo the old recipe of Coco Pops in daily allowance usage of sugar, hitting 65.15%.



What about the most popular cereal brands?

Out of the most popular brands, these five stood out to be some of the worst….



Coco Pops

Despite Coco Pop’s pledge to reduce sugar, the 30% drop in sugar doesn’t seem to make this popular cereal too much healthier. Where once Coco Pops used 62.5% of a child’s daily allowance of sugar, the new formula still uses 46.25%. This is definitely some progress, but considering it is still almost half of a child’s whole sugar allowance, it’s nowhere near a healthy treat – even if eaten occasionally.


Cookie Crisp

That friendly wolf on the box may seem trustworthy, but as it turns out, the child favourite Cookie Crisp has 56.25% of your child’s daily allowance of sugar in each ‘recommended serving’ bowl, on par with Golden Nuggets. In fact, with 7.5 grams of sugar with every small bowl, your child might as well eat two full-size cookies for breakfast!


Golden Nuggets

Whilst boasting having no artificial colours and flavours, Golden Nuggets are a real blow to your efforts to keep your kids healthy. 56.25% of your child’s daily allowance is used up with a grand total of 13.5g of sugar in every 30g serving with milk.


Rice Krispies

Rice Krispies might be one of the lowest in sugar content, but they are by no means the best, with 37.5% of your child’s daily sugar allowance being used up from one serving. On it’s own with milk, 30g of Krispies is already 9g of sugar, so if you’re kids are adding even more sugar on top of this, you’re right to be cautious of this cereal!



Think Cheerios will make your children cheery? Think again. The supposedly healthy cereal makes claims of being filled with whole grains, but with a whopping 47.5% of your child’s daily allowance being used up (two finger Kit Kats worth of sugar in every bowl), its definitely one to think twice about.


Are Supermarket brands better for my children?

Think cheaper supermarket brands might have less sugar so they can stay cost effective? For most brands, this is true, meaning you can not only reduce your child’s sugar consumption, but you can save some precious pennies on what otherwise is quite a steep price on kid’s cereal.

For instance, the ever popular whole wheat biscuits made famous by Weetabix, actually are the lowest in sugar at Sainsbury’s, with 9.7% less sugar than every other store brand and Weetabix itself, which all had exactly the same amounts of sugar.

Want less sugar in your Weetos? Every store brand version from Tesco, Asda and Morrisons have 4.76% less sugar than the main brand. How about Crunchy Nut? Every store bought version contains less sugar, with Sainsbury’s having the least amount of sugar. Frosties being the worst offender for most sugar in cereal has some alternatives with less sugar, with the least amount of sugar being in Tesco’s Frosted Flakes cereal. However, be warned, these cereals are still very sugary, and use up a large chunk of your child’s daily sugar allowance.

Unfortunately, not all cereals have healthier store bought alternatives. With the fairly recent effort to reduce the sugar content of Coco Pops, every supermarket brand chocolate puffed rice alternative use 3.75 - 18.9% more of your child’s recommended daily sugar allowance.


Which children’s cereals have the least sugar?

Looking to keep your child’s sugar down in the morning? We found the best cereals were normally wheat biscuit cereals (such as Weetabix) and Corn flake like cereals (with supermarket brands having less sugar than traditional Cornflakes.) However, if you want the absolute least sugar, have Morrisons Puffed Wheat. Please note, all these cereal’s sugar usage are calculated without any added sugar added on top, so consider using some fruit instead of that extra teaspoon of sweetness, and possibly go for skimmed or non-dairy milk with less sugar!

Which Supermarket has the most sugar in its cereals?

Own brand cereals are popular for those looking to make some savings with their food shopping, but which supermarket’s are the worst to buy from when purchasing cereal for the family?

Supermarket Average Sugar per 30g
Tesco 20.99
Asda 19.9
Morrisons 19.75
Sainsburys 17.68
Waitrose 15.01





From the boxes we looked at, Tesco unfortunately comes first, with their range of cereals proving the most amount of sugar overall. They may have pictures of cute, active animals playing sports on the box art, but this is not the fuel you want to give your children!

Want to cut down on the sugar? Try shopping for kid’s cereal at Waitrose, and stick to the whole wheat biscuits which have the lowest amount of sugar in their cereal range… but still contains 30.5% of your child’s daily allowance (with milk and no sugar sprinkled on top).

Or maybe just stick to the porridge!


Cereal % of Daily Allowance
Frosties 71.25
Morrisons Choco Pillows 70.13
Crunchy Nut Cornflakes 68.75
Sainsbury's Frosted Flakes Cereal 67.50
Tesco Choco Snaps Cereal  65.15
Morrisons Choco Crackles 65.13
ASDA Choco Snaps 65.00
Crunchy Nut Chocolate Clusters 63.75
Tesco Honey Nut Corn Flakes Cereal 62.90
Essential Waitrose Honey Nut Corn Flakes 62.88
Morrisons Honey Nut Corn Flakes 62.88
ASDA Honey Nut Corn Flakes 62.50
ASDA Coco Squares 61.25
ASDA Frosted Flakes 61.25
ASDA Jungle Bites 61.25
Krave Chocolate Hazlenut 61.25
Nestle Lion Cereal 61.25
Mornflake Chocolatey Squares 61.13
Tesco Frosted Flakes Cereal 60.69
Sainsbury's Honey Nut Cornflakes Cereal 60.38
Tesco Pillows Choco-Nut Cereal 60.25
Chocolate Shreddies 60.00
Krave Chocolate Milk Chocolate 60.00
Sainsbury's Choco Rice Pops Cereal 60.00
Morrisons Chunky Triple Chocolate Clusters 59.13
Frosted Shreddies 58.75
Kellogs Coco Pops Rocks 58.75
Tesco Pillows With Milk Chocolate Filling 57.75
ASDA Honey Nut Crunch with Milk Chocolate Curls 57.50
ASDA Golden Balls 56.25
Cookie Crisp 56.25
Golden Grahams 56.25
Golden Nuggets 56.25
Nesquik 56.25
Tesco Multigrain Boulders Cereal 56.25
Curiously Cinnamon 56.00
ASDA Honey Hoops 55.00
Morrisons Loopy Bees  55.00
Weetos 55.00
Tesco Crunchy Cookie Cereal 52.59
Weetabix Mini's Fruit and Nut 52.50
ASDA Choco Hoops 52.50
ASDA Cookie Crunch 52.50
Honey Monster Puffs (Sugar Puffs) 52.50
Morrisons Choco Hoops 52.50
Nestle Cheerios Honey Cereal 52.50
Tesco Choco Hoops Cereal 52.50
Weetabix Mini's Chocolate Chip 51.25
ASDA Choco Balls 51.25
Morrisons Fruit & Fibre  51.25
Jordans Country Crisp Strawberry Cereal 51.00
Morrisons Strawberry & Raspberry Clusters 50.88
Morrisons Maple & Pecan Clusters 50.50
Tesco Fruit & Fibre 50.38
ASDA Choco Nut Squares 50.00
ASDA Honey Nut Crunch 50.00
Waitrose Seriously chocolatey triple chocolate crisp 49.38
ASDA Multigrain Hoops 48.75
ASDA Strawberry Crisp 48.75
Morrisons Apple & Cinnamon Crisp Granola 48.75
Jordans Country Crisp Chunky Nuts Cereal 48.63
ASDA Raisin Wheaties 47.50
Cheerios 47.50
Sainsbury's Wholegrain Raisin Wheats Cereal 47.50
Weetabix Chocolate Cereal 47.50
ASDA Apricot Wheaties 46.25
ASDA Blueberry Wheaties 46.25
Coco Pops 46.25
Essential Waitrose Multigrain Hoops 46.25
Essential Waitrose Blueberry Wheats 46.25
Morrisons Mini Blueberry Wheats 46.25
Morrisons Super Hoops  46.25
Sainsbury's Wholegrain Blueberry Wheats Cereal 46.25
Tesco Multigrain Hoops Cereal 46.25
Essential Waitrose Wholegrain Apricot Wheats 45.63
Morrisons Mini Apricot Neat Wheats 45.63
Sainsbury's Wholegrain Apricot Wheats Cereal 45.63
Sainsbury's Wholegrain Red Cherry Wheats Cereal 45.50
ASDA Chocolate Wheat Bisks 45.00
ASDA Maple & Pecan Crisp 45.00
Original Shreddies 43.63
Rice Krispies 37.50
Sainsbury's Rice Pops Cereal 36.88
Tesco Rice Snaps Cereal 36.05
ASDA Rice Snaps 36.00
Essential Waitrose Rice Pops 36.00
Corn Flakes 35.00
Tesco Honey Hoops Cereal 34.00
ASDA Corn Flakes 33.25
Essential Waitrose Corn Flakes 33.25
Morrisons Cornflakes  33.25
Sainsbury's Cornflakes Cereal 33.25
ASDA Wheat Bisks 30.50
Essential Waitrose Wholewheat Biscuits 30.50
Morrisons Wheat Biscuits 30.50
Tesco Wheat Biscuits 30.50
Weetabix 30.50
Sainsbury's Wholewheat Biscuits Cereal 28.13
Morrisons Puffed Wheat 27.00

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