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14 Weird Ways To Serve Food – From Real Restaurants

The plate – a simple invention that needs no introduction, and certainly doesn’t need any further innovation. After all, what else would you possibly want to put your food on?

Well, according to the culinary world: you need anything but a plate. Chefs have grown bored of the humble plate, opting for bizarre alternatives that have shocked the public: Barbie dolls dressed in prosciutto, side dishes barely balanced on antlers, and gravity-defying meringues have gone viral on online websites and groups dedicated to spreading awareness of this trend. The reactions have been mostly outrage with the often impractical ways to be served dinner. Unexpecting foodies have been shocked to find their breakfast stuck to clipboards, their sausages dangling from hooks and have even faced a little danger with their fish being placed on a mouse trap…

With all this publicity, we thought it was selfish of chefs not to share the secretive methods used to rebel against the plate. So, we’ve collected 14 of the craziest examples and measured their absurdity, impracticality and overall safety whilst giving the restaurant’s name and location, so you can decide which of these mental presentations of food would be the best meal out for you and your friends to try out. Can’t make it to the restaurant? No problem! We’ve given you step by step instructions so you can recreate your favourite bizarre plate alternatives at home. (Although please check their safety level first!) Imagine the fun you will have shocking guests at your next home dinner party with a sunbathing chicken, or a whole pizza balanced on a bloody Mary – they will definitely make a meal to remember! 

14 Weird Ways To Serve To Food – From Real Restaurants


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