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Improving the user experience online - 3D sink visuals

Too many websites have poor imagery of the products they are selling.  As a consumer how are you really supposed to make sure this is exactly the product you want or need?  Technical detail is all too often missing from the product.  Not enough sizes, too much waffle about the fabulous exquisite efficient modern contemporary styling lines and not enough attention to details and about the 'stuff that matters'.

At we have always been obsessed with providing the customer with the most up to date and relevant information when it comes to a product.  We always try and explain the detail of a product in the most straight forward way possible.  What is the point of describing a product ion a way that nobody understands.  

After almost 18 years of being online you would think we have covered just about everything on the website.  Well think again.  In January 2017 we decided to relaunch our website and embark on a journey of rewriting our entire content.  This will take our in-house team at least another 12 months to complete. 

As we progress along this journey, we have developed some exclusive and unique features that will benefit the whole consumer experience.  How  close can we get to the customer being able to hold a  kitchen sink and turn it over and have a look?  We think we have found the answer.

We have developed two exciting features.  The first is a fairly simple 360 degree visual of the actual product.  This allows the customer to take a kitchen tap for example, and rotate it through a full 360 degrees, looking at the front, back and side.  Even zooming in to see tiny features, previously unseen like the grub screw at the back which secures the tap spout.

The second feature is a virtual reality full 3D image.  We have recreated a model of a product which then allows us to show this to the customer in a full 3D visual.  The customer can see multiple angles, rotate from side to side, flip upside down, inside out!  There isnt a side of the product you cant see!

Although the range of products being shown in 3D is steadily growing we already have a good selection to look at.  Click on any of the following links and choose any of the products listed to see a 3D animation:  Abode Kitchen taps in 3D, Bluci Kitchen Taps in 3D, Reginox Kitchen Taps in 3D, Perrin and Rowe Kitchen Taps in 3D, Blanco Kitchen Taps in 3D, Villeroy and Boch Kitchen Sinks in 3D, and Reginox Kitchen Sinks in 3D. Many more products will be added over the following 12 months.

In a world where the customer demands more, we believe we deliver more.  As the brand begins to expand further we are conscious that we have to invest in the customer experience.  Its features like this that make the customer realise they are dealing with a specialist and a team of talented individuals who are passionate about their business.

If you would like to offer feedback on our website then we would be more than pleased to hear from you.  You can simply send an email with your comments to

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