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Kitchen Mixer Taps

The Kitchen Mixer Taps is probably the most advanced of the tap family in terms of both aesthetic appearance and operational functionality. Like with all taps available today there is an extensive range available to suit every kitchen environment from the ultra-modern look with a silk steel finish, to a more traditional style with an antique gold or pewter finish.

There are two main formats to choose from, the dual-flow mixer and the tri-flow mixer.

Dual-flow mixer taps are for a simple and straight forward hot or cold delivery

Tri-flow mixer taps on other hand are more advanced and have a central lever for optional purified water and pull out spray rinse systems, ideal for the larger sink or for the rinsing of larger pans. The purification system offers a more stylish and efficient alternative to refrigerated jugs or bottles.

The purification system is often the reason for a mixer tap choice as it removes sediment, undesirable smells and contaminants from the water whilst leaving the essential beneficial minerals and fluorides.

Alongside the functional formats available for the modern mixer tap there are many variations on the materials and finish to truly integrate the tap into the kitchen style of your choice whether it be period reproduction designs or a more minimalist semi-professional look. Whatever the look there is a complimentary finish to integrate into your chosen kitchen style, from a matt finish such as nickel or silver to a high gloss finish such as the ever popular chrome. There are many coloured variants available to suit the most diverse of needs.

Whatever your tap requirements the mixer tap is a fine choice, and there is an extensive collection available to choose from designed to suit every need.

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